Business Strategies & Advice

Business Planning, Brand Identity, and Marketing and Sales Audits

Business plans, marketing plans, feasibility studies, budgeting and goals, pricing strategies – we do them. We’ve drafted business plans for investment, to raise capital, build on an existing business, plan a pivot, study the feasibility of an idea, and to ballpark a concept.

T&T is experienced in doing audits of your business plan, marketing plan, and brand identity to help you get an accurate picture of your business, its marketing and sales operations, and its perception and positioning in the market place.

We also audit a company’s marketing and sales, reviewing how, what, and where of your marketing and sales activities, and providing you feedback that spells out what you are doing right, what you should not do, and what you should be doing as well. Our marketing and sales audit provides your marketing team a base upon which to build their future programs and activities from.